Lizzie Socorro

Never the Right Time

Part II

She walked away from the only man she ever loved, and he will never know how much it cost her. Now, year later, Anna has made a decent life for herself in Dallas, teaching her literary favorites.

William has found nothing but success since graduating college. Nothing but Success and loneliness, since Anna walked out of his life. When a consulting opportunity opens up at the university that Anna is now teaching at, he leaps at the chance. But nothing could have prepared him for losing her to another man. 

William may have grown up, but his grin is just as captivating as ever, and Anna is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore him- and to keep him out of her heart- as he rides his motorcycle into the faculty parking lot each morning. She fights her feelings at every turn, and at every turn he's there.

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‚ÄčNever the Right Choice

Photography has always been Carmen's lifelong dream, but the only way for her to pay the bills is to photograph blushing brideszillas and irate mothers-in-law. The Norton Photography Grant is the perfect opportunity. The competition will afford her the chance to focus on what she really loves.

She was a powerful woman who dazzled him in a bar. From her heels to her hair, Jackson couldn't look away. But it was her wit and smile that truly caught him. He was just a schoolteacher with a secret hiding behind his gorgeous blue eyes. She was embarking on a career-changing path. She wasn't expecting anything more than a hook up.

The next morning she walked away. There was no place in her life for a man she met at a bar. She was taking a step toward the only thing she'd ever wanted. Little does she know it's a step closer to him.

Never the Right Time 

Part I
Anna Beth Hardwick is a young woman poised to thrive in a man's world. Her pool game is just as sharp as her quips, and she leaves every man she meets in the dust. At university, anyway, every man is still just a boy.

Two years above Anna at school and a long way from his Italian homeland, William Forte has no problems charming the ladies. Anna is the only exception. No matter what he says or does, she's always one step ahead of him. 

Anna and William began their friendship with one goal in mind: together, they'll hustle every unsuspecting pool player in every local dive that Houston has to offer. Friendship , as it happens, will just sweeten the deal. But once their contract is up, he won't be able to let her walk away.